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What is Total Workspace ?

Total Workspace stands for Total partners and affiliates new remote-access service.
Its main goal is to offer our Partners and Affiliates a secure and easy-to-use remote-connection service to reach some of our restricted internal resources. It relies on SSL/VPN technology that acts as a remote gateway to our published resources that are all made accessible on your webtop session, and as a traditional VPN service to offer a more deeper network integration for the applications that require this specific service.

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What is not Total Workspace ?

Total Workspace is different from the Virtual Desktop Service (Horizon, TARA, or other VMWare/Citrix VDI), which represents a separate service accessible to our partners and affiliates directly through the Workspace platform.
Total Workspace is a sort of single entry point to all Total internal resources for Total Partners and Affiliates. None of the application available through Workspace are hosted by our platform. In other terms, the availability of those applications is not only depending on Workspace connectivity, but also on the hosting service itself.

What do I need to access Workspace ?

  • A Total GGI Identifier: see Access Request if you have never heard about it before and you need more explanations about the enrollment process.
  • A compatible Worsktation: see our Prerequisites prior accessing our services.
  • A mandatory component install: see our Components Download Section to download and install the required component depending on your setup.

Check our Quickstart and User-Guides for a more complete and step-by-step documentation.

Also consult our FAQ Section to find answers on the most frequently asked questions.

Key Numbers

5000 + published resources

This is the number of TOTAL's internal resources that are published and made accessible to our partners and affiliates on Workspace.

3 million + hits every day

This number corresponds to the daily total requests handled by Workspace platform.

800 000 + pages visited daily

This is the number of total pages requests served by Workspace every day.

7000 +daily connections

This is the number of daily distinct users (returning or not) using Workspace Services.

250 + Mb/scontinous traffic

This is the bandwith consumed every day at maximum connection time to serve traffic flow.

99,9 %availability

This is our yearly availability commitment for your Workspace Service.